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Some ideas from Delaware

[Quotes from Shlomo's orignal message are preceded by "}"]

To: Shlomo Mantz

From: Dan Tompkins

}Great to be in contact! I was just interested in finding out what other > FIRST sites are doing. Up here in NYC, we tried to recruit by going to > different youth chapters for various political parties (such as Young > Democrats, Young Republicans, etc) and different civic groups. We also > went to different social-work groups.

we've done a bit of that, although not as a first group, but by getting people active at all, it strengthens first.

we simply put on an informal discussion on race relations in a new generation, one that hadn't fought together for civil rights, that had no real rallying point. really just a beginning for more involved projects.

}> I was wondering, where did you guys focus on getting your people from? > I'm trying to think new ways to get more people, and to find out what > other people might think.

because it was put together in a little over a week, we just pulled people from the faculty of Connecticut college.

first is letting us get away with another session for the fall. I'm not in touch with anyone from first in Connecticut over the summer (I'm in West Virginia), but will put everything together when I get back and can talk to people about topics speakers and organization. lemme know any ideas you may have about a simple, effective quick day of productive things to get done for activism and an issue that can be readily accessible and have an impact on people right away.


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